Jersey Fest 2018 Model Kit & Statue Fair - Awards Best Sculptor with Cris Delara Original Art

The Jersey Fest Model Kit and Statue Fair is an annual convention for sculptors that happens in New Jersey in the beginning of September and has, among numerous events, an interesting contest for sculptors in different categories (around 10).

One of the convention's organizer, John Ficchi , a comic book lover and collector, sculptor, illustrator/painter, is a regular customer of Cris Delara who commissions original art works, mainly featuring comic books characters, for his private collection.

Last job John commissioned from Cris, he approached us with the idea of having one of Cris original art as a possible reward to be given to one of the winners in the category of Best Female sculpting at Jersey Fest Convention. He told us that most of his friends in the business see Cris artwork as an inspirational source for sculpting, especially in the female figure category.

We thought that by donating one of Cris original artwork for John to use it as a prize in the contest, would be a great addition for the show as well as a chance to make “new friends” in the business (a good and regular customer as John deserves some “perks”, and we were happy to contribute).

Some days ago John sent us this picture, taken by the winner of the female figure category, who proudly exhibits the Princess Leia original art from Cris together with his winning Vampirela sculpting(that was so cool).

Check the video promoting the 2018 show and the convention website, which already has the info for 2019 event.

Cris Delara Art Studio - September 2018

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