Sunday, March 22, 2015

Art Studio or Art School?

Differently from other places, we have a profitable combination between professional and educational environments.

We are an Art school which offers to our students an exclusive and efficient method of improvement on their artist skills through hands-on exercises with a dynamic and friendly way of learning.
We teach them artistic techniques, we show them how to do the exercises and we share with them the resources from our professional studio.
There is one basic condition the students need to follow to succeed: attend the classes and do the exercises.
Whether for hobby or professional purposes, our students need to be committed to our program to reach the "next level" we know they can reach.

Cris Delara Studio and Art School has a line of working and teaching focused on Figure and People, Wildlife and Landscape.
Our philosophy is based on the experience that the student needs to know how to draw to be able to render and paint properly their drawings.

That doesn't mean the student has to be a perfect illustrator and that is not our promise either. However, we show them how to improve their skills to reach a level in which they will be able to accomplish a much better level of artwork by themselves.

In summary, here at Cris Delara Art School, we have a program (beginning, middle and finishing), designed to make the art student a better artist. Our specialty and line of work are Figure and People, Wildlife and Landscape. We use pencil and charcoal (for black and white techniques) and for color techniques, we work with watercolor pencils, pastels, acrylics, and oils.

We are very, very serious about what we deliver to our students. We dedicate our time and resources to tailor our method to our students needs and we expect the same level of commitment from them by attending the classes and practicing the exercises we give to them.

You WON'T find here an art summer camp kind of art classes, neither a place where you learn everything: oils, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal, pastel, crayon, face painting, craft, music, etc.
If you are looking for something like that or just want to have some fun during the summer or drop your " kids" off to get some free time.... We are sorry, but here it is not your destination.

We are professionals, we are educators and we have an exclusive method designed to make our students succeed.

Come to visit us; just call in advance. You will be surprised with what you are going to find.
There is no other place like us in Niagara Region

Among of unique features, students find in our Art School we highlight the level of our instructor, Cris Delara, who is an international published artist, with artwork in several traditional and digital fine art books. More than that, Cris is well known as one of the best contemporary traditional and digital pinup artist in the world.
She is also a professional portraitist and illustrator/painter, who works for the comics and advertising industry.
Cris also writes workshops and tutorials about digital painting for 2D/3D magazines and websites.
Just google her name and you will be amazed of her artwork. Where else will you find an artist with this level to teach you?