Individual Sessions
(1 hour session)
Price Benefits
1 session pack
(1 hour on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 150.00
  • 1 hour talking and sharing screen with Cris Delara mentoring you
  • You can record the session to watch it later as many times as you want
4 sessions pack
(4 hours on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 550.00
  • Cris works + 2.5 hours (average) off-line on the content of your 1 hour on-line session
  • With 4 sesions you get around 14 hours of total exclusive mentoring
8 sessions pack
(8 hours on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 990.00
  • Much more mentoring for much less money
  • If you really want to take your artistic and technical skills to another level,
    that is your pack: 28 hours (total average) of mentoring with Cris Delara

Group Sessions
(Max 3 students)
Price Benefits
1 session pack
(1 hour on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 400.00
  • 1 hour of private stream with Cris Delara mentoring the group
  • Like a virtual classroom where all can talk, share screens, interact
    and exchange examples/exercises increasing the mentoring experience
  • Session can be recorded and watched as many times as necessary
5 sessions pack
(5 hours on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 1,620.00
  • All off-line preparation to deliver the content for the 1 hour on-line group session is included
  • With 5 sesions the group gets more than 20 hours (average) of total exclusive mentoring
10 sessions pack
(10 hours on-line with Cris Delara)
US$ 3,000.00
  • The Best Deal!!! make the math: $3,000.00/10 hours/3 students
  • As cheap as US$100.00/hour/student (on-line tutoring)
  • All benefits: recorded sessions, exercises, reviews, emails, etc., included
  • Ideal for businesses which need to improve its staff's artistic skills

If you are ready to go to the next level send a message to If you need more reasons why choosing Cris Delara Digital Art Mentoring to improve your artistic skills, just read through.
  • How much time and money are you willing to waste by struggling with technical issues while working on a project?
  • Would you like to have a strong portfolio, which catches and grabs the attention
    of an art director and brings you to an interview when applying for a job?
Exclusive Digital Art Mentoring with Cris Delara is an investment with a guaranteed payback, whether you use it for professional, academic or any other purpose.

" I have been doing one on one digital painting lessons 
with Cris Delara for over one year now.  
I am so happy with my digital artwork now.
Cris is one of the best mentors I have had.  
Her extended knowledge,  technique & patience has 
taken my digital art into a whole new realm.
Cris is always there for me, I can email her with any
problems i am having and WIP's and she finds the time
to respond and get me back on track.
Well worth the money! I would recommend this to 
anyone interested in improving their digital art skills!
Thank you, Cris!  You are my hero."
Kathy Weiland - Australia

Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Are you a Graphic, Web, or Game Designer, maybe an Animator, 3D Modeller, Mate Painter, or Illustrator, who is struggling with Digital Painting?
  • Do you need help from a professional artist who is also a teacher/former instructor from CGSociety who can come up with hands-on examples and mentoring which will make you capable of solving your problems by yourself?
  • Would you like to have a “customized” program to mentor you so you could improve your skills to a professional level?
  • Don’t you have time to read thick books, or search You Tube all day because you need help right now?

If you’ve answered YES, to any of the questions then you need to get DIGITAL ART MENTORING SESSIONS with CRIS DELARA.

  • Cris is a professional Artist and also Teacher with years of teaching experience in College and University
  • The program is customized according to the student’s needs through an “interview” session
  • Student has one hour on-line exclusive session with Cris Delara, talking to her, sharing screens, receiving guidance on hands-on exercises prepared to make your artistic improvement real
  • When you have a doubt, that is not exactly within the content of your customized art mentoring program Cris will immediately help you to understand why or why not that point is relevant to the topic
  • You have Cris Delara, real time, dynamically discussing, mentoring/guiding and stimulating your artistic skills and also sharing her knowledge and experience as professional, giving you advices and even having a good time during the sessions
  • Student can record the sessions to watch it again as many times as necessary
  • Student receives the files and hands-on exercises done during the session through email
  • Student pays an average $40.00/hour

Let us show to you that our student has much more than only one-hour session:
  • The student has one exclusive hour on-line with Cris Delara, working on a customized mentoring session prepared according to his/her needs
  • Each session is previously prepared/customized by the artist, which takes, between gathering references for hands-on exercises, testing them, adjusting them according to the students goals, etc., at least, another hour
  • When Cris Delara evaluates students assignments/“homework” (when required and specified as part of his/her artistic improvement) it takes, at least another hour
  • Replying emails with doubts or with extra guidance for the students; also takes time to be properly done (at least 30 minutes)

At the end of this process you should add up all time Cris Delara dedicated to prepare that exclusive one-hour on-line session and that becomes:

1 hour (on-line) + 1 hour (session preparation) + 1 hour (exercises review/evaluation) + 30 min (emails/extra guidance)

Total = 3.5 hours/session If you choose, for instance, to pay for 4 sessions pack => 3.5 hours X 4 sessions = 14 hours Now divide US$550.00/14 hours => US$39.28/hour (is that expensive?)

A little more about Cris Delara:

  • Cris Delara is a professional portraitist/illustrator (member of Portrait Society of America)
  • She is internationally known and published as one of the best contemporary pinup artists, also working for Comics, Games and the Publishing Industry
  • Cris is a former instructor from CGSociety and teacher at Niagara College Canada
  • She is internationally published in several 2D/3D specialized books, magazines and websites over the web, such as ImagineFX, 2dartist magazine, Expose, Exotique, Digital Painting Techniques, D’artist Digital Painting
  • As independent illustrator/artist, for many years, Cris has been working in comics, games, publishing and advertising industry
  • Among projects/companies Cris worked for, we can highlight Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Idle Games, PlayStation Network (Sony), DeNaCo and other video game studios; Zenescope Entertainment, Nickelodeon, Hasbro, Mattel, The Toon Studio of Beverly Hills, Real Buzz Studio and many others

Payment Plans available through PayPal. Click on to send a message to schedule/check the best time for your mentoring sessions.

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