Black & White Art Mentoring

After years of helping students and beginner artists through traditional art classes, we redesigned our methodology and exercises to create one unique Art Mentoring System which includes three subjects:

  • Figure and People
  • Landscape
  • Wildlife

If you are truly committed to reaching higher levels with your artistic skills, you must come to us.
You won’t find another place like our studio neither another mentoring program like the one we have designed.

We adjust our program according to your needs by preparing sessions with hands-on exercises, by using our professional resources and by showing you drawing/rendering techniques that will meet your achieving goals in a proper way to exceed the improvement that you expect.

Through the course of our sessions, you will be introduced to techniques which will give you the resources to make your drawings more professional.
We share tips and guide you how to get drawings more realistic and proportional.
How to make smooth blending and gradual tonal variations.
How to apply the rendering working with soft and hard edges to give your drawings a more realistic approach making them lifelike.

In figure and people, for instance, we can show you the basics, as done with comics and from there you go deeper to the human anatomy, passing through the line of action, expressions, gestures, etc., you will be amazed by the result when putting all together.

In Wildlife subject, you will have the chance to draw and render a variety of animal topics such as fur, anatomy, proportions, paws, eyes, while in landscape you will be guided to improve your skills to draw elements such as foliage, trees, leaves, textures, water, skies, etc. using the same techniques from the other programs and more.

Cris Delara, the owner and main artist of the studio has an extensive experience as a professional portraitist, illustrator, and painter, working for comic books, children books, board/video game studios and advertising companies is the mentor who provides the guidance to improve your artistic skills during the sessions.

But don’t you get fooled by thinking that her skills are limited to those subjects; as an illustrator, she also produces lifelike illustrations for landscape and wildlife subjects.

Call us to book an experimental session; bring your sketchbook or any sketches, let's talk about your artistic goals, or send us a message if you are looking for more details.
Take the first step to become a better artist and from there, we will guide you.
It is in you, and we will mentor you through that path.

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